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Awolnation - Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders Live From 2020

Aaron Bruno, the songwriter behind AWOLNATION, presents ANGEL MINERS & THE LIGHTNING RIDERS LIVE FROM 2020. Recorded live in studio, it features all instrumentation, no tracks. Arrangements that have creative flourishes and the fervent energy that AWOLNATION is known for in a live setting. Due to touring being grounded and not being able to perform the new songs live for fans, Aaron was motivated by the idea of giving fans a front-to-back live representation of the new album. Available Exclusively as part of RSD Drops in red and blue tie-dye vinyl.

1. The Best - Live From 2020

2. Slam (Angel Miners) - Live From 2020

3. Mayday!!! Fiesta Fever - Live From 2020

4. Lightning Riders - Live From 2020

5. California Halo Blue - Live From 2020

6. Radical - Live From 2020

7. Battered, Black & Blue (Hole In My Heart) - Live From 2020

8. Pacific Coast Highway In The Movies - Live From 2020

9. Half Italian - Live From 2020” [EXPLICIT]

10. I’m A Wreck - Live From 2020: [EXPLICIT]

Awolnation - Angel Miners & The Lightning Riders Live From 2020

SKU: 849320095613
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  • Event: RSD DROPS 2021
    Release Date: 6/12/2021
    Format: LP
    Label: Better Noise
    Quantity: 1500
    Release type: RSD Drops 2021 Jun 12th

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