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Bakar - Nobody's Home

Nobody's Home is the first full length album project from the UK artist who made his solo debut with the 2018 mixtape Badkid and subsequently released the six track EP Will You Be My Yellow? in September of 2019. Bakar's music is a melting pot of indie, rap, rock, and punk and the young musician even labelled his music style as "schizophrenic." In an interview with Complex, Bakar explained his iconic sound, "If people saw me and presumed the kind of music I make, 90% of them would say rap or hip-hop. I could be on every single playlist and feel at home there."

    - Disc 1 -
    1 Noun
    2 Youthenasia
    3 The Mission
    4 Reclaim!
    5 Not from Here
    6 Ginger Pubes
    - Disc 2 -
    1 Alone Again
    2 Runaway
    3 Riot
    4 Free
    5 Change of Heart
    6 NW3
    7 Gotham
    8 Build Me a Way

Bakar - Nobody's Home

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  •     Label: Epic
        UPC: 194399374115
        Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
        Release Date: 2/25/2022
        Product ID: EPIC93741.1
        Weight: .61 lb

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