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Dido No Angel BAM Exclusive

Remastered for vinyl. First time being offered on vinyl in the U.S. Includes a 16 page full color booklet. Limited edition of 1500 copies.


its modern sonic veneer, Dido's No Angelis an album very much in the British pop chanteuse tradition of Dusty Springfield, Sandie Shaw, and Tracey Thorn — she shares the classy demeanor and cool intelligence that typified these earlier hit-makers. Superbly produced by her brother Rollo Armstrong (with help from Rick Nowels, Youth and others), No Angel abounds with insinuating tunes, simmering electronic beats and unexpected acoustic embellishments. With a sharp eye for lyrical detail, Dido traces love's small pleasures and lingering hurts in tracks like "Thank You," "Hunter" and "All You Want." Loneliness is a reoccurring topic here, sensitively expressed in "Here With Me" and "My Lover's Gone." Thoughtful pieces like "Isobel" contrast with sensuous dance-pop tracks like "Take My Hand." Best of all is "Don't Think of Me," a scathing put-down of an ex-lover, riding upon a gorgeous melody and dressed in sumptuous strings. Collectively, these songs create a fully rendered portrait of the artist without becoming insular or self-indulgent. No Angel went on to become a world-wide smash and ranks as one of the best pop albums of the decade.

Dido No Angel BAM Exclusive

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  • Colored Sealed Vinyl

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