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CKY - Carver City

Limited 180gm audiophile vinyl LP pressing including insert. Limited to 1000 copies, numbered MOV 000053.


Carver City is the commercially and critically successful fourth album by CKY. It is a concept album about the fictional town, a holiday resort plagued by crime. The experimental album is different from their previous alternative metal albums. Synthesizers playing a prominent role on the album, while drummer Jess Margera plays rhythms compared to the 80 neo prog rock/metal. Their unique sounds can be heard in the versatility of this record. The album was recorded by guitarist Chad Ginsburg and he does a great job of balancing the instruments and vocals, ensuring that each individual part is audible and crisp. The American rock band CKY formed in 1998 and shortly after their music was featured in the TV series Jackass, featuring drummer Jess' brother Bam Margera.

CKY - Carver City

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