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Deathtrip - Demon Solar Totem

Vinyl LP pressing


Cult black metal band The Deathtrip have announced their new album Demon Solar Totem, their follow-up to 2014's debut Deep Drone Master. Featuring the long-due return of Kvohst (Hexvessel, Grave Pleasures, ex-Dødheimsgard) on lyrics / vocals joining the cold, hypnotic riffs of Host (Thine), the primal drumming of Storm (ex-My Dying Bride, Blasphemer) and introducing the bass playing of Thomas Eriksen (Mork), The Deathtrip offer tickets to primeval possession and open portals to other dimensions. This album captures the spirit of ancient Darkthrone, Thorns and Beherit, imbued with old-English occultism and the chanting of sacred sound formulas-otherworld black metal eeriness for a deep dive into spectral realms.

Deathtrip - Demon Solar Totem

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