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Durand Jones & The Indications - Private Space

Vinyl LP pressing. 2021 release. Developed after being apart for much of the year, Private Space is creatively explosive and delights in upending expectations. It's 10 tracks are both an escapist fantasy and a much-needed recentering after a tumultuous 2020. Throughout, The Indications highlight a collective resiliency - as well as the power of a good song to be a light in the darkness. Anchored by a crate-digging sensibility and the high-low harmonies of Aaron Frazer and Durand Jones, Private Space shows The Indications' mastery at melding revival sounds with a modern attitude. From an Indiana basement (where the band recorded their 2016 self-titled debut LP as college students), The Indications have catapulted into the soul limelight and onto an international stage. Following their sophomore album American Love Call - a dreamy but pensive record of big string arrangements and sweet soul stylings - The Indications became revered by vintage music fans, the lowrider community and late-night television. Durand Jones & The Indications have long provided the soulful soundtrack for such deep thoughts, both on stage and on your turntable. But as the world slowly resets from the chaos of the past year, Durand Jones & The Indications' Private Space is arriving at just the right time. "I feel we'll be arriving into people's lives as they're exiting a really tough period," Aaron Frazer theorizes. "We're not out of the woods, but hopefully this allows people to get together again, to share and experience catharsis."



1 Love Will Work It Out

2 Witchoo

3 Private Space

4 More Than Ever

5 Ride or Die

6 The Way That I Do

7 Reach Out

8 Sexy Thang

9 Sea of Love

10 I Can See

Durand Jones & The Indications - Private Space

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  • LABEL: Dead Oceans

    VENDOR: Bwscd, INC.


    UPC: 656605152714

    GENRE: Soul/R & B

    RELEASE DATE: 7/30/2021


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