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Free Throw - Piecing It Together

Limited colored vinyl LP pressing. Produced by Will Yip, Piecing It Together is the fourth full-length album from Free Throw and it finds the band grappling with hard truths, and making music about the present and how seeking balance in our lives is far more meaningful work than the endless pursuit of whatever you deem to be enough. In essence, Piecing It Together is an exploration of self-acceptance. "Piecing It Together realizes that life isn't always about being a better version of yourself, but it's ups and downs, and finding a way to put it all together to create consistency and make it whole," says the Nashville, TN-based band. "It's about figuring out what works, what doesn't, what needs to stay, and what needs to make way for something bigger or better."

Free Throw - Piecing It Together

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  • LABEL: Triple Crown

    UPC: 196006196486

    GENRE: Rock

    RELEASE DATE: 6/25/2021


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