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GWAR - Carnival Of Chaos

Formed in Antarctica in 1984 by manager Sleazy P. Martini, Earth's favorite interplanetary warriors have forged a path of debauchery for well over 30 years. GWAR's mythology is rich in political and social satire and their cult-following is galvanized by their controversial, indefatigable and ostentatious live performances, where crowds of willing slaves are subjected to ripe humor and theatrical imagery... and lots and lots of blood, vomit and other bodily fluids. 1997's Carnival of Chaos is GWAR's experimental sixth studio album and longest to date. Akin to an even more demented version of Frank Zappa the rambling release has it's share of shining moments including "Penguin Attack," "Hate Love Songs," "The Private Pain of Techno Destructo" and "Antarctican Drinking Song."



1 Penguin Attack

2 Let's Blame the Lightman

3 First Rule Is

4 Sammy

5 Endless Apocalypse

6 Billy Bad Ass

7 Hate Love Songs

8 Letter from the Scallop Boat

9 Pre-Skool Prostitute

10 If I Could Be That

11 In Her Fear

12 Back to Iraq

13 I Suck on My Thumb

14 The Private Pain of Techno Destructo

15 Gonna Kill U

16 Sex Cow

17 Antarctican Drinking Song

18 Don't Need a Man

GWAR - Carnival Of Chaos

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