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Gwar - New Dark Ages

THE NEW DARK AGES "The New Dark Ages" album concept is tied to a companion graphic novel "GWAR In The Duoverse of Absurdity", in which the band are sucked off into an alternate universe to do battle with their evil twins and the specter of rogue technology. Our heroes floorboard it through a kaleidoscope of hard driving heavy metal, and rock-n-f***ing roll, building on their hilarious mythos, introducing cool new characters, and cataloging mankind's hapless abandonment of their passions, rituals, and beliefs. The New Dark Ages (BLACK/GOLD MARBLE VINYL)



1 New Dark Age

2 Blood Libel

3 Berserker Mode

4 Mother F***ing Liar

5 Unto the Breach

6 Completely F***ed

7 The Cutter

8 Rise Again

9 The Beast Will Eat Itself

10 Venom of the Platypus

11 Ratcatcher

12 Bored to Death

13 Temple Ascent (Death Whistle Suite)

14 Starving Gods (Death Whistle Suite)

15 Deus Ex Monstrum (Death Whistle Suite)

Gwar - New Dark Ages

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    GENRE: Heavy Metal

    RELEASE DATE: 9/16/2022


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