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Joyner Lucas - ADHD

As if his prodigious musical output weren't enough, Worcester, MA rapper Joyner Lucas is also a dedicated philanthropist, innovator, and entrepreneur. ADHD - as well as all previously released ADHD tracks - was created entirely on the groundbreaking artists platform, Tully. Founded in 2015 by Lucas and manager/technology entrepreneur Dhruv Joshi, the Tully App puts the power of production, promotion, and distribution into the hands of the creators themselves, enabling the artist and their teams to better utilize digital tools while streamlining invention and the collaborative process.

Joyner Lucas - ADHD

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  • LABEL: Twenty Nine Music


    UPC: 195081986456

    GENRE: Rap/Hip Hop

    RELEASE DATE: 12/4/2020


    WEIGHT: .87 lb

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