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Larkin Poe - Self Made Man

Limited tan colored vinyl LP pressing. Includes poster and digital download. 2020 release. After a remarkable two-year run that saw them earn a Grammy Award nomination for their last chart-topping studio album while touring the world from Nashville to New Zealand and back again, Larkin Poe have returned with what is undeniably their most wide-reaching, artistically adventurous, and self-determined work to date. Once again taking the producer reins and releasing on their own Tricki-Woo Records label, Self Made Man sees the multi-instrumentalist sister duo, comprised of the Atlanta-bred, Nashville-based Rebecca and Megan Lovell, pushing their music and message towards hitherto unexplored terrain, inspired by their epic world travels yet still powerfully rooted in the creative heritage of their beloved American South. From the thunderous power of the album-opening "She's A Self Made Man," through the nostalgic "Tears of Blue to Gold" and fierce Chicago blues of "Scorpion," to the front porch jubilation of "Easy Street," the album is ambitious in both it's eclectic, energetic sound and it's resolutely welcoming mission, it's universal lyrical approach fueled by tradition, invention, and Larkin Poe's remarkable ability to touch the hearts and souls of their fellow humans worldwide.



1 She's a Self Made Man

2 Holy Ghost Fire

3 Keep Diggin

4 Back Down South

5 Tears of Blue to Gold

6 God Moves on the Water

7 Evevry Bird That Flies

8 Scorpion

9 Danger Angel

10 Ex-Con

11 Easy Street

Larkin Poe - Self Made Man

SKU: 685757518871
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  • LABEL: Tricki-Woo Records



    UPC: 685757518871

    GENRE: Rock

    RELEASE DATE: 6/12/2020


    WEIGHT: .58 lb

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