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Mom Jeans - Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth feels like an eternal dessert-before-dinner, a rejection of the idea that we need to suffer before we get to the good stuff. You've got one life. Indulge your Sweet Tooth.




1 Something Sweet

2 What's Up?

3 Hippo in the Water

4 White Trash Millionaire

5 Circus Clown

6 Sugar Rush

7 Graduating Life

8 Luv L8R

9 Crybaby (On the Phone)

10 Anime Theme Song

11 Tie Dye Acid Trip

12 Ten Minutes

13 Teeth

Mom Jeans - Sweet Tooth

SKU: 843563144428
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  • LABEL: Mom Jeans

    VENDOR: Many Hats Endeavors


    UPC: 843563144428

    GENRE: Rock

    RELEASE DATE: 2/25/2022


    WEIGHT: .66 lb

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