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American Football - 180g Colored Vinyl Light Blue Vinyl


American Football is the eponymous debut studio album by American rock band American Football, released  by Polyvinyl Record Co. After the break-up of The One Up Downstairs, drummer Steve Lamos started jamming with guitarist Steve Holmes. With the addition of vocalist/guitarist Mike Kinsella, the band released a self-titled EP in October 1998 through Polyvinyl. With Brendan Gamble taking producer duties, the group recorded their debut album at Private Studios in Urbana, Illinois. The album's sound is a throwback to early Joan of Arc, a band in which Kinsella previously played drums; the band focused on the interaction between two guitars after listening to Steve Reich. A few of the songs were unfinished by the time the band got to the studio, and they decided to finish them there. The artwork, photographed by Chris Strong, was of a house located within walking distance of the University of Illinois.

American Football ‎- American Football

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