The OF Tape Vol. 2 is the 2012 debut studio album by left-field hip hop collective Odd Future, whose members include recent Grammy winners Tyler, the Creator (2019) and Frank Ocean (2012), plus lesser-known-but-equally-odd associates Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis, Mike G, The Internet, Taco, Jasper Dolphin, Left Brain, L-Boy, and Earl Sweatshirt. Production on the album was primarily handled by Left Brain and Tyler, the Creator, with Frank Ocean, Hal Williams and Matt Martians also receiving production credits. The album peaked at number 5 on the US Billboard 200.


Long sought after by vinyl and hip hop collectors, Get On Down proudly reissues this masterpiece in two unique Record Jackets, and on two distinct colored vinyl configurations: the first cover featuring a ‘collage face’, pressed on neon purple, the second featuring a photo of Lucas Vercetti, a close OF associate, and pressed on neon pink vinyl.

A Side
1. Hi 2. Bitches 3. NY Ned Flander 4. Ya Know 5. Forest Green


B Side
1. Lean 2. Analog 2 3. 50 4. Snow White 5. Rella


C Side
1. Real Bitch 2. P 3. White 4. Hcapd 5. Sam (Is Dead)


D Side
1. Doms 2. We Got Bitches 3. Oldie

Odd Future - The OF Tape Vol. 2 : Neon Pink

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