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Tangerine Dream - Strange Behavior

1st ever release of this legendary Tangerine Dream score from 1981 (aka Dead Kids). It's never been available on any format until now! For this release we dug out the original tapes and had them digitized and they sound incredible. Such an atmospheric masterpiece and we are honored to be releasing it. This has been on many TG fans want-lists for years and years.




1 Opening Credit 

2 Murder in the Kitchen 

3 Driving the Car 

4 Tension in the Classroom 

5 Music Box 

6 Horror in the Mud 

7 Laboratory Theme 

8 Horror in the Bathroom 

9 Experiments in Tension 

10 Drama on the Television 

11 Tension in the Take-Away 

12 Tension in Graveyard 

13 Dad's Story Theme 

14 Tension at College 

15 Pete Goes in for Kill 

16 Tension in Laboratory 

17 Kill the Professor 

18 Cleaning Up Theme 

19 Wedding Theme

Tangerine Dream - Strange Behavior

SKU: 643157450702
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  • LABEL: Terror Vision

    VENDOR: Terror Vision Records & Video


    UPC: 643157450702

    GENRE: Rock

    RELEASE DATE: 4/23/2022

    PRODUCT ID: TRRV74507.1

    WEIGHT: .5 lb

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