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Playback was an album recorded by The Appletree Theatre in 1967.

The project was set up by brothers Terry and John Boylan. It was written, directed and performed by the Boylan brothers, supported by leading jazz session musicians including Larry Coryell and Eric Gale.


Playback was essentially a loosely woven concept album, divided into three acts, an overture, and an epilogue, with full-length pop songs such as "Hightower Square" and "I Wonder If Louise Is Home" linked by vocal narratives and snatches of music, including elements of jazz, acid rock, and classical music, sometimes given distorted sonic treatment. It was released on the Verve Forecast label in the US and UK in 1968, with a different cover to the UK re-release from 1972 on the MGM Records label. John Lennon, in a 1968 interview with Penny Nichols in London, called Playback one of his favourite new albums, and Philip Proctor acknowledged its influence on his own group, The Firesign Theatre. Time magazine stated that "this cycle of rock songs is an explosion of surprises, blending fey whimsy with just plain loony-bin clowning."

The Appletree Theatre ‎– Playback


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