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The Strokes - Room On Fire

Great follow up to a debut album by an immensely talented young band. The Strokes' second album, the quintet's Lower East Side background tends to lend people to compare them with the Velvet Underground and Television.

1. What Ever Happened?
2. Reptilia
3. Automatic Stop
4. 12:51
5. You Talk Way Too Much
6. Between Love & Hate
7. Meet Me in the Bathroom
8. Under Control
9. The Way It Is
10. The End Has No End
11. I Can't Win

The Strokes - Room On Fire

SKU: 828765549714
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  • Format: LP Vinyl

    Label: LEGACY

    Catalog No: 82876554971

    Barcode: 0828765549714

    Genre: Rock/Pop

    No of Discs: 1

    Release Date: 10/28/2003

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