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Venom (8) ‎ Black Metal

Black Metal is the second album by English heavy metal band Venom. It was released in November 1982, during the great flourishing of metal music in the UK that was the new wave of British heavy metal, and is considered a major influence on the thrash metal, death metal and black metal scenes that emerged in the 1980s and early 1990s. Although lending its name to the latter subgenre of heavy metal, today it is still debated if the album's music is thrash metal or black metal. AllMusic has described it as "extreme metal", while Moynihan & Søderlind in their book affirm that the album "carved in stone some of [black metal's] essential features".Nevertheless, its lyrics and imagery were a major influence on the early Norwegian black metal scene.The cover art was made by the band's bassist and singer Conrad "Cronos" Lant

Venom (8) ‎ Black Metal

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