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Venom (8) ‎– Welcome To Hell

This article is about the Venom album. For the skateboarding video, see Toy Machine.
Welcome to Hell
Venom Welcome.jpg
Studio album by Venom
Released    December 1981
Recorded    August 1981
Studio    Impulse Studios in Newcastle, England
Heavy metal[1]speed metalblack metal
Length    39:26
Label    Neat (UK)
Producer    Keith Nichol and Venom
Venom chronology
Welcome to Hell
(1981)    Black Metal
Welcome to Hell is the debut studio album by English extreme metal band Venom. It was released in December 1981, through Neat Records, at the culmination of the new wave of British heavy metal movement. The music of Welcome to Hell is described as a mix of heavy metal and speed metal, but it had a great influence on the emerging extreme metal genres of thrash, death and black metal.

Venom (8) ‎– Welcome To Hell

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