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Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back To Life

Eaten Back To Life is the debut album by American death metal legends Cannibal Corpse, originally released in August 1990. The album was banned in Germany and other countries because of the violent cover and the extreme nature of the lyrics. Eaten Back To Life set the clear standard by which all death metal that followed was, and has been, measured! Featuring Glen Benton of Deicide and Francis H. Howard of Opprobrium (then known as Incubus) on back-up vocals on "Mangled" and "A Skull Full of Maggots."

Cannibal Corpse - Eaten Back To Life

SKU: 039842519012
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    FORMAT: LP Vinyl


    CATALOG NO: 251901

    BARCODE: 0039842519012

    GENRE: Rock/Pop

    NO OF DISCS: 1

    RELEASE DATE: 10/8/2021

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