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DevilDriver - Winter Kills

HAND-NUMBER #:0648/1500 - (RED/WHITE SPLIT COLOR VINYL/POSTER) (2020 Record Store Day Release)


Their sixth album, Winter Kills, finds DevilDriver returning with another album of pounding heavy metal. Always looking to push the envelope, the band makes sure to keep up the intensity, delivering an album that seems hell-bent on grinding the listener to a pulp under the weight of its relentless heaviness. With all of the power and aggression that fans have come to expect from the band, Winter Kills delivers more of the sonic destruction DevilDriver have developed a knack for lately. One of the biggest surprises on the album, though, comes by way of a lurching cover of AWOLNATION's "Sail," a pop song that shares a similar sensibility with the band's lurching sound, allowing DevilDriver to make it their own without straying too far from the source, making the song a surprising ending to another solid album.

DevilDriver - Winter Kills

SKU: 840588131341
Excluding Sales Tax
  • FORMAT: LP Vinyl



    BARCODE: 0840588131341

    GENRE: Rock/Pop

    NO OF DISCS: 2

    RELEASE DATE: 10/24/2020


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