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Motorhead - Aftershock

On Oct 22st, 2013 Motorhead will deliver their 21st studio album, an enormous and prophetic AFTERSHOCK. Recorded at NRG Studios in North Hollywood, it is a true leveler, a crushing confirmation of everything Motorhead stands for, marching from the dust storm to deliver 14 belting statements which see Motorhead in perhaps their best writing form for years. There's swagger, there's punch, there's speed and there's dirty filthy grooves, Lemmy Kilmister, Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee showing clearly that Motorhead is not simply a band, it's a genre!



1 Heartbreaker

2 Coup de Grace

3 Lost Woman Blues

4 End of Time

5 Do You Believe

6 Death Machine

7 Dust and Glass

8 Going to Mexico

9 Silence When You Speak to Me

10 Crying Shame

11 Queen of the Damned

12 Knife

13 Keep Your Powder Dry

14 Paralyzed

Motorhead - Aftershock

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