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Noah Kahan - Busyhead

Vinyl LP pressing. 2019 release from the singer/songwriter. Within two short years, music quite literally carried 22-year-old singer, songwriter, and artist Noah Kahan around the world-a long way from his native Strafford, VT (pop. 1,045) and the 133-acre tree farm where he resides. For as much as the road twisted and turned, the journey led right to the album. "My life has taken a 180° turn," he admits. "I'm on a very different path than what I thought I would do. I feel nostalgic for a time when I was younger and had less to think about. I had the latitude to be whimsical, free, and young without knowing what's going to happen. I get nostalgic for the locale where I grew up, because the scenery is so beautiful. Going from this to bigger cities and tours is crazy for me. The transition informs the storytelling. I'm getting a little more cunning and self-deprecating. The truth is-regardless of where I've gone-my parents still yell at me to pick up the dogs' shit when I'm back home," he laughs. In the end, Noah makes the kind of music that can travel with you forever, but it feels even better at home.



1 False Confidence

2 Mess

3 Hurt Somebody (With Julia Michaels)

4 Young Blood

5 Busyhead

6 Cynic

7 Save Me

8 Sink

9 Tidal

10 Carlo's Song

Noah Kahan - Busyhead

SKU: 602577631467
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  • LABEL: Republic Records

    UPC: 602577631467

    GENRE: Rock

    RELEASE DATE: 6/14/2019

    PRODUCT ID: RPBLB003016201.1

    WEIGHT: .58 lb

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